Lobe Lokal


Lobe Block's canteen and event space – a place to be when it comes to food, culture and climate. It’s even for Berlin standards – rather radical.

Canteen & Catering

The goal of the Lobe Lokal canteen is to fight back against the climate crisis by respecting the seasons, shortening supply chains, eliminating food waste and bringing permaculture to the city. That means we sourced food suppliers thinking about the regional and ecological impact. Among our chefs, there is a trained nutritionist, spice and herbs specialist and fermenting expert. They enjoy creating meals using good quality, local ingredients instead of using industrial or convenience products. The team also provides catering for events to reduce their CO2 impact.

The chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and quails in our permaculture garden are key to our community. Urban children experience the respectful and harmonious treatment of living beings in nature, and a guest of Lobe Lokal might look at their meat consumption from a different perspective. The animals also feed on any leftovers, as do the earthworms that help us make the garden compost. In this way, food in the Lobe microcosm comes full circle – from nature back to nature.


It doesn’t end there. Lobe Lokal has an event space that acts as a platform for various community-driven experiences and private events. We look forward to architecture tours, food and art workshops, curated music events and thought-provoking ecological panel discussions. We also collaborate with the local council in organising monthly community dinners to bring people together around the common human language: food. Our aim is to build a program with regular events and foster the Lobe Block creative community. Want to host an event like this? We would be delighted to hear from you – all ideas are welcome.

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